The Technopolo Cup, which sees ten 12-goal teams are in competition, resumed over the weekend at Technopolo, in General Rodríguez. 

For a third year in a row, the tournament is being organised by Franck Dubarry’s organisation, Manu Cereceda’s Minuto Siete, and Licere PR.

The ten teams are split in two zones, where they play on a round robin. The winner of each group will qualify for next Friday’s final.

Technopolo Cup – Latest Results:

Technopolo 7-4.5 La Fija

Campanulata 8-6 La Trinidad

Sealink 9-6 Los Druidas

Orlandia 7-8 Caña Brava

Technopolo 4-8 La Trinidad

Caña Brava 6-3 Los Druidas

BN POLO TEAM 8-7 Sealink

The Technopolo Cup resumes on Tuesday:

10am: Campanulata vs Maple Leaf

TECHNOPOLO CUP: Fixture & Teams

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