Thai Polo claim Queen’s Cup Pink Polo title

The XI Queen’s Cup Pink Polo came to an end on Saturday at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pattaya, Thailand. This traditional tournament, a fundraiser for The Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer, saw four 14 goals teams (women’s handicap) compete.


Friday’s results:

Thai Polo 6-3.5 San Eugenio

La Familia Marengo 6-8 1003 Polo


FINAL QUEEN’S CUP PINK POLO: Thai Polo 7-3 1003 Polo

Thai Polo: Caroline Link 2, Pornsupa Malapatthee 0, Daryl Yeap 3, Hazel Jackson 9. Total: 14.

1003 POLO: Paris Luo 0, Caro Brown Zavaleta 1, Clara Cassino 7, Rebecca Walters 6. Total: 14.

Best Team Patron: Morgan Van Overbroek.

BPP: Juana. Played by Hazel Jackson and owned by Thai Polo Team.


SUBSIDIARY FINAL: San Eugenio 3.5-7 La Familia Marengo

San Eugenio: Morgan Van Overbroek 1, Steffi Von Pock 2, Veronica Magnasco 4, Eva Brühl 6. Total: 13.

La Familia: Nurul Noorajala 1, Sonia Pim Couling 1, Sofía Lorenzo 3, Lia Salvo 9. Total: 14.


Action at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club will resume on Sunday, February 17th, with the World Patron Championship.





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