Thai Polo releases its 2019/2020 fixture

Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, located in Pattaya, Thailand, 150 km from Bangkok, announced the calendar for its 2019/2020 season, which is due to start in November. Action will run through to April, when the classic Princess PA’s Beach Polo Cup will finalise the season.

The spectacular club, owned by Harald Link and Nunthinee Tanner, boasts three premium polo fields, as well as all the installations that are required to host world class polo. The most intense month for polo will undoubtedly be January, which is set to host two 14-goal tournaments for a second year in a row: the Thai Polo Open (January 6 – 18) and the B. Grimm Thai Polo Masters (January 23 – February 1).

The season at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club will be covered exclusively by PoloLine, and many events will be live streamed via Pololine TV. 



16-17: Chukkas

22 to 24: First Chukka Cup

Nov 30 to Dec 1: Club Chukkas


7-8: Club Chukkas

12 to 14: Copa Embajada Argentina (6-8 Goals)

21-22: Club Chukkas

26 to 31: Thailand Equestrian Federation Cup (8-10 Goals)


4-5: Club Chukkas

6 to 18: THAI POLO OPEN (12-14 Goals)

Jan 23 to Feb 1: B. GRIMM THAI POLO MASTERS (12-14 Goals)


8-9: Stephan Chimfunshi Cup (8-10 Goals)

13 to 15: Stephan Chimfunshi Cup (8-10 Goals)

18 to 22: Queen’s Cup Pink Polo (12-14 Goals)

23: World Patrons Championship

Feb 29 & Mar 1: Club Chukkas


5 to 14: Thai Polo Cup (8-10 goals)

21-22: Club Chukkas

27 to 29: La Posta Cup (8 to 10 Goals)


3 to 5: Low Goal (4-6 goal)

9 to 11: Princess PA’S Beach Polo

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