The Polo Development Initiative (PDI) grant program is designed to facilitate the growth of polo by empowering clubs and polo schools with grant-based reimbursable awards. In September of 2018, the USPA Club and Membership Development Committee began the strategic planning process for the PDI program. The goal of the strategic planning process was to review and amend the PDI program to have a greater impact on the growth and development of the sport at the grassroots level and sustain USPA clubs as the foundation for future growth.

Through the strategic planning process, the following amendments have been made to the PDI program:

1. Transition to a grant-based program where applicants outline the specific aspects of their request including: needs assessment, project evaluation, budget, timeline, etc.
2. Applications may include requests to support capital improvements/investment (infrastructure).
3. Applicants may request consideration for multi-year awards, subject to specific requirements and considerations.
4. The promotion of club cooperation through regional associations, regional tournaments/leagues, and/or joint applications.
5. Segmentation of grant applicants into specific categories:
a.    Tournament Specific
b.    Polo School
c.    Youth Specific Program
d.    Arena Specific Program
e.    Regional Polo Club Co-Ops
f.     Joint Club Applications
6.    Removal of the $10,000 threshold for a maximum award amount.

The 2019 PDI deadline is February 15, 2019.

How Do I Apply?




Contact Justin Powers, Director of Polo Development at

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