The 10-goalers’ thoughts

Facundo Pieres and Guillermo (Sapo) Caset have played their first match of the Florida high-goal season and were the first 10-goalers that played. Facundo ended up taking the win by a large margin. Both have great expectations for the season. This is what they told CLICKPOLOUSA about it:

“I am starting my year of polo,” said Pieres. “I had a long vacation, because 2018 was a very long year for me. I played in Palm Beach starting on December 31, and didn’t rest until the end of August, in Spain. Then I got to Argentina for the big season. It was a long year. This year we have the Ylvisaker and then the 22-goal. In the 20-goal, I will be playing with Lucas James, Matias Gonzalez and Curtis Pilot, and then Gonzalito will replace Lucas for the 22-goal. I am happy to be able to share a team with Gonza in America again, it is a lot of fun, we enjoy playing together outside of Argentina, and we understand each other. Pilot is a new organization that started last year. It will be the team’s first time playing the high goal.”

“This will be my third year playing with Tonkawa, a team with a Texan patron (Jeff Hildebrand) with an organization that I’ve been slowly building up,” said Caset. “The idea is to make it better every year, and we’ve been making great strides. Last year we only played the 20-goal, and we managed to win. This year, we will be playing the 20 and the 22-goal in what will be a very fun Palm Beach season. I think it will be one of the best of the last few years. With 16 teams, who could say otherwise? We have great expectations!”

 Tonkawa’s Sapo Caset and Pilot’s Facundo Pieres. ©David Lominska

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