The Cartier Queen’s Cup

First week’s play comes to an end
Over the past week, play has commenced in The Cartier Queen’s Cup at Guards Polo Club. Play got underway on Tuesday 21 May, with the first match between 2018 runners-up Park Place and Monterosso Polo Team. In true Queen’s Cup fashion, the opening match was a flurry of activity and close play, which ultimately saw Park Place take their first win of the tournament 9-8.The matches over the following days followed suit, with exciting play from all 12 teams. The results thus far are as follows:Tuesday 21 May:Park Place defeated Monterosso, 9-8UAE Polo Team defeated Casa La Vista Ibiza, 14-7Wednesday 22 May:Talandracas defeated La Bamba de Areco, 14-8VS King Power defeated La Indiana, 15-11Thursday 23 May:Murus Sanctus defeated Scone Polo, 9-8Dubai defeated Emlor, 12-5Saturday 25 May:Park Place defeated Casa La Vista Ibiza, 9-6(The Royal Windsor Horse Show Cup) Monterosso defeated La Bamba de Areco, 11-10Sunday 26 May:Talandracas defeated UAE Polo Team, 14-13La Indiana defeated Scone Polo, 13-0Monday 27 May:VS King Power defeated Emlor, 10-8Dubai defeated Murus Sanctus, 14-10Going into the second week, there are four teams that really stand out – Park Place, La Indiana, Talandracas and Dubai, with each team getting stronger and stronger as the tournament rolls on. Play continues on Friday 31 May with a further week of qualifying matches. The Quarter Finals will take place between 8 – 9 June, with the Semi Finals the following weekend. The culmination of weeks of hard work will come to a head on Sunday 16 June and the Final of The Cartier Queen’s Cup. The Cartier Queen’s Cup Teams:La Indiana (22): Michael Bickford (1), Jimbo Fewster (3), Rodrigo Andrade (8) & Facundo Pieres (10)VS King Power (22): Top Srivaddhanaprabha (0), Polito Pieres (9), Marcos Di Paola (7) & Juan Martín Zubia (6)Murus Sanctus (22): Tommy Beresford (6), Corinne Ricard (0), Gonzalito Pieres (9) & Facundo Sola (7)Scone Polo (22): James Harper (6), James Beim (7), Nico Pieres (9) & David Paradice (0)Emlor (22): Alfredo Bigatti (7), Spencer McCarthy (1), Agustin Merlos (8) & Fred Mannix Jnr (7)Dubai (21): Nachi du Plessis (8), Rashid Albwardy (2), Camilo Castagnola (5) & Bartolito Castagnola (6)Talandracas (22): Julian ‘Negro’ De Lusarreta (7), Alejandro Muzzio (7), Francisco Elizalde (8) & Hugues Carmignac (0)La Bamba de Areco (22): Kian Hall (3), Juan Martín Nero (10), Jean François Decaux (0) & David ‘Pelón’ Stirling (9)Casa La Vista Ibiza (22): Hilali Noordeen (0), Isidro Strada (6), Min Podesta (6) & Pablo Mac Donough (10)UAE Polo Team (22): Tom Brodie (4), Santiago Toccalino (7), Guillermo Caset (9) & Lucas Monteverde Jnr (2)Monterosso (22): Alessandro Bazzoni (0), Juan Gris Zavaleta (7), Joaquin Pittuluga (7) & Ignacio Toccalino (8)Park Place (22): Andrey Borodin (0), Byron Watson (5), Juan Britos (7) & Hilario Ulloa (10)Photograph: Dubai are finding their footing in The Cartier Queen’s Cup at the end of the first week. By ©

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