Easter, the grandest Sunday celebration, draws its roots back to the resurrection of Christ as per in the New Testament. According to the Gospel of John, Mary Magdalene who came to the tomb where Jesus was buried to find it empty. Worriedly, she looked around, to which an angel came to her to tell her that Christ had risen.

Since then, it has been believed that Christ took a rebirth on the third day of Easter. Since then, Christians have been celebrating Easters for centuries now. The roots of the holiday and its celebration dates back to its pagan celebration, where Easter comes in from Eostara, the Goddess Of Rebirth.

The Easter Egg and the Easter Bunny, both are seen as an epitome of fertility, and are hold-overs from the festivity of Eostara. The other very prominent symbol is the way the Christians draw parallel between the joy of the rising sun in the spring. This then falls with joy of celebration the Son Of God. The lighting of the candles in the church too, reflect at the bonfires that calls for the times of joy.

This whole celebration of the rebirth of Christ and the coming of a new age reminds us of the age when Polo, the King of the Sports, took rebirth in the form of what we today know as Modern Polo. Modern polo that originated in the state of Manipur, India, was founded in The Silchar Polo Club in 1859 by some British military officers as well as tea planters. Later, Lt Joe Sherer witnessed some of the locals playing the game to which he said interestingly, “We must learn the game!” Since then, Polo traveled from India to the world.

The game spread enthusiastically and gained the popularity pretty soon. The game appeared in Malta in 1868, later it traveled to England in 1869, then to Ireland in 1870, then Argentina in 1872 and in 1874 it landed in Australia. Modern Polo, has been seen as a gift to the ancient game that took birth in Persia. Its rebirth in Manipur was just a sign of celebration of the game that has been growing since then to reach more people.

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