The Copa Tanoira kicks off and celebrates its fifteenth year

The Tanoira Cup kicked off at Cuatro Vientos, in General Rodríguez, on Monday. This is a particularly special edition, as the tournament celebrates its fifteenth year. The competition sees twelve 14 goal teams partake. The final scheduled for Thursday, November 28, will be a great event.

Let us put this tournament in context, as it is undoubtedly one of the most traditional of the Argentine spring calendar. It began in 2004, as a way of remembering the great Gonzalo Tanoira. 

“The idea was to bring the family and friends together and to remember him in the way that he would have liked: playing polo at Cuatro Vientos, in this place that he built with so much dedication and pleasure,” shares Bárbara Tanoira, the eldest daughter of the late Gonzalo Tanoira. “The first years of the Tanoira Cup saw his friends, brothers in law and sons get together to play the tournament, people like Alex Garrahan, Álvaro and Gonzalo Pieres, Martín Zubía, Juan Badiola, Rodrigo Rueda, Carlos and Diego Miguens, and his sons, Gonzalo, Javier and Santi Tanoira, who would not miss it for the world. While the players have changed over the years, we always work to maintain the spirit of the tournament, which is all about playing polo among friends and having fun.”

Cuatro Vientos, where the Tanoira Cup is played, was one of the first polo clubs of the Pilar/General Rodríguez area, alongside Pilarchico and La Baronesa. “The club started as a farm with two fields,” shares Lolo Tanoira, Gonzalo’s youngest daughter. “My father and brothers were members of Pilarchico, which is next door. Cuatro Vientos has 100 hectares, and now has four world class polo fields and all the infrastructure necessary to enjoy the sport. We also have 150 boxes for our horses and those of our members (currently over 30), who play here in both seasons. Cuatro Vientos is our home, where we all get together, and it is the legacy our father left us: the love for polo and horses, which we each carry within us, and the importance of enjoying nature with friends and family.” 


Alazanas Foxi 8-7 Las Palmeras 

La Esperanza-Pingüinos 9-6 Nautor’s Swan 

Amanara 7-5 El Cabure 

El Milagro 12-8 El Medio Polo Team 

Cassiopeia 5-10 Nuestra Tierra 

La Maroma 6-9 BN Polo Team 

The Tanoira Cup will continue on Wednesday:

10:30am: La Esperanza-Pingüinos vs BN Polo Team

10:30am: Amanara vs El Medio Polo Team

10:30am: El Milagro vs El Cabure

3:30pm: Nuestra Tierra vs Alazanas Foxi

4:30pm: Cassiopeia va Las Palmeras

5pm: Nautor’s Swan vs La Maroma



CASSIOPEIA: Tete Storni 5, Tete Fanelli 4, Fernando Miño 5, Robert Szucs 0. Total: 14.

NUESTRA TIERRA: Sebastien Sorbac 2, Marcelo Amadeo Y Videla 4, Hilario Figueras 3, Tolito Fernández Ocampo 5. Total: 14.

ALAZANAS FOXI: Lorenzo Chavanne 0, Agustín Von Wernich 4, César Crespo 4, Juan Manuel Echeverz 6. Total: 14.

LAS PALMERAS: Mateo Condomí Alcorta 0, Juan Cruz Isla 4, Martín Bilbao 4, Junior Cavanagh 6. Total: 14.


LA ESPERANZA / PINGÜINOS: Kevin Korst 2, Martín Vilaró 1, Santiago Zubiaurre 5, Nito Uranga 6. Total: 14.

NAUTOR’S SWAN: Ginevra Visconti 0, Delfín Uranga 4, Santiago Tanoira 6, Esteban Panelo 4. Total: 14.

LA MAROMA: M. Baldocci 0, Bautista Panelo 3, C. Arellano 5, Alejandro Traverso 6. Total: 14.

BN POLO TEAM: Babar Naseem 0, Muhammad Sami 1, Cacu Araya 7, Michel Del Carril 6. Total: 14.


AMANARA: Lucas Criado (h) 2, Nicky Sen 0, Santiago Chavanne 7, Facundo Castagnola 5. Total: 14.

EL CABURE: Marcos Di Paola 7, Santiago Di Paola 2, Benjamín Panelo 4, Federico Virasoro 1. Total: 14.

EL MILAGRO: Federico Tomasevich 1, Segundo Amadori 3, TBA 4, Santiago Solari 6. Total: 14.

EL MEDIO POLO TEAM: Mathias Blanchon 0, Ramon Castilla 4, Enrique Bauzada 3, Salvador Ulloa 7. Total: 14.

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