Fans took to the outdoors at the Empire Polo Club on Sunday to kick off the 2020 polo season.

“It’s our soft opening. We give the horses a little bit of a slower start. Its a long three month season,” said Empire Polo Club Operational Manager, Kevin Ittig.

Polo is one of the oldest team sports.

“Started in Persia as we all know is Iran now. The English civilized this sport and made up rules and taught it to their calvary as part of their battle tactics,” said Ittig.

The interest in the sport is growing.

“It’s not just for the wealthy anymore. There are all levels of polo. A lot of youngsters are playing at the high school level and the college level. One of the things we really enjoy doing is educating people about the sport of polo,” said Ittig.

First time spectator Ken Goldblatt, is all about learning.

“I know nothing about horses. I don’t know the rules of the sport, but it looks exciting and it’s a nice day and people are out here having fun,” said New York Resident, Ken Goldblatt.

Born and bred in New York this is a new world for him.

“I plan to spend winters here and I think I would come out on the weekend watching polo,” said Goldblatt.

From new comers to long time spectators…

“We follow polo around the country. This is the one thing where horse and human really do become one,” said Robert Seldon.

You can watch polo ‘Friday Night Under the Lights’ or on Sundays until March 29th. Next Sunday is hat day.

“Friday night under the lights. We get huge crowds for that. It is open to the public and it’s free. How can you beat that.” said Ittig.

“People should come out and learn the sport because its very addictive,” said Seldon.

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