Tournoi de Printemps comes to an end

Red Falcon and La Concepcion scored wins in the penultimate matchday of the Tournoi de Printemps, the second leg of the Parisienne Triple Crown, that’s underway at Polo de Paris, in Bagatelle.

These have been the latest results:

  • Saturday May 18

Red Falcon 7 vs. Le Pommeray 6

La Concepción 8 vs. Sainte Mesme 7

The Tournoi de Printemps, that showcases four teams up to 10 goals, will finish on Sunday May 19, with the following order of play:

2pm: Le Pommeray vs. Sainte Mesme

3,15pm: Red Falcon vs. La Concepcion

Teams and fixture:

Tournois de Printemps

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