UK High Goal Season

Teams announced

The rumour mill has once again been turning in regard to the upcoming UK high goal season, with 13 teams unofficially confirmed. The biggest shake-ups of the upcoming season see the return of 2017 Gold Cup winners King Power and Rashid Albwardi’s Dubai, following a high goal hiatus since 2016. Andrey Borodin and his Park Place team will return for a second year competing in the British high goal, but noticeably absent will not only be world number one Adolfo Cambiaso, but also the 2018 Gold Cup winners, and all-Brit line-up, El Remanso.
James Beim and James Harper will be teaming up again, this time under the Scone colours, whilst as far as Polo Times are currently aware, Ollie Cudmore and Charlie Hanbury will not be playing the high goal season. What’s more, this season will see two female Captains taking to the high goal fields, with not only Corinne Ricard returning with her Murus Sanctus side, but also HH Sheika Maitha competing with the strong combination of Guillermo ‘Sapo’ Caset, Santiago Toccalino and Cacu Araya in The Cartier Queen’s Cup.
Play gets underway at Great Trippetts Polo Club and The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club in May with the Final of The Trippetts Challenge on Thursday 16 May and the Final of The Prince of Wales on Sunday 18 May. This season is set to be a thrilling battle for victory, with 13 teams competing for the five key titles.
The UK High Goal Confirmed Teams:
T = Trippetts Challenge
QC = Cartier Queen’s Cup
GC = King Power Gold Cup
WC = Warwickshire Cup
La Indiana (T, QC & GC): Michael Bickford, Facundo Pieres, James ‘Jimbo’ Fewster & Rodrigo de Andrade
Park Place (POW, QC & GC): Andrey Borodin, Hilario Ulloa, Juan Britos & Byron Watson
King Power (QC & GC): Top Srivaddhanaprabha, Juan Martín Zubía, Polito Pieres & Marcos di Paola
Murus Sanctus (T, QC & GC): Corinne Ricard, Facundo Sola, Gonzalito Pieres & Tommy Beresford
La Bamba de Areco (T, QC & GC): Jean François Decaux, David ‘Pelón’ Stirling, Juan Martín Nero & Alec White
Dubai (QC & GC): Rashid Albwardi, Camilo Castagnola, Bartolito Castagnola & Nachi Du Plessis
UAE (QC): HH Sheika Maitha, Guillermo ‘Sapo’ Caset, Santiago Toccalino & Cacu Araya
Scone (T, QC & GC): David Paradice, James Beim, James Harper & Nicolás Pieres
Emlor (POW, QC, GC & WC): Spencer McCarthy, Agustín Merlos, Fred Mannix Jnr & Alfredo Bigatti
Monterosso (POW, QC & GC): Alessandro Bazzoni, Cubi Toccalino, Joaquín Pittaluga & Juan Gris Zavaleta
Sifani (QC): Hilali Noordeen, Pablo Mac Donough, Min Podestá & Isidro Strada
Talandracas (T, QC & GC): Hugues Carmignac, Francisco Elizalde, Alejandro Muzzio & Julián ‘Negro’ de Lusarreta
Marchfield (POW & WC): Saad Audeh, Pablo Mac Donough, Guillermo Terrera & Manuel Plaza de Ayala
Photograph: 13 teams have been unofficially confirmed for the UK high goal season. By ©

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