VT Wealth Management victorious in Saint Tropez

The Golden Wave Cup, third tournament of the season at Saint Tropez Polo Club, came to an end on Sunday. Four 10-goal teams were playing for the trophy, but in the end VT Wealth Management claimed the title. As usual, the finals were accompanied by an exciting Sunday Polo event.

Action at Saint Tropez Polo Club resumes on Wednesday with the start of the Women’s International Tournament (14-goal – Ladies Handicap).

FINAL GOLDEN WAVE CUP: Chateau D’Aulne/Voltex 6-7 VT Wealth Management

VT Wealth Management: Thomas Fedier 0, Sacha Fedier 0, Matías Carrique 4, Gerardo Mazzini 6. Total: 10.

Chateau D’Aulne: Samy Jebabli -1, Alexis Pouille de Balkany 2, Michael Taylor 3, Nito Uranga 6. Total: 10.

Score VT Wealth Management: 2-2, 4-3, 7-4, 7-6.

Umpire: Marcelo López Vargas.

BPP: Hornos Malena (Gete Galgo x Anay Sur Magdalenita), played by Nito Uranga.

Best Team Patron: Alexis Pouille de Balkany.

SUBSIDIARY FINAL: Dark Ice 7-6 F Polo Team

Dark Ice: Helen Goddard-Watts -1, Manuel Cereceda 3, Pierre Jauretche 3, Látigo García Laborde 4. Total: 9.

F Polo Team: Carolina Morandi 0, Constant Jacqout 1, Matías Nigoul 4, Justin Gaunt 4. Total: 9.

GOLDEN WAVE CUP: Fixture & Teams


Golden Wave FINAL: VT Wealth MGMT vs Chateau d’Aulne

Golden Wave FINAL: VT Wealth MGMT vs Chateau d’Aulne34 PhotosPhotos by: Matias Callejo

F Polo vs Dark Ice

F Polo vs Dark Ice14 PhotosPhotos by: Matias Callejo

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