La Aguada Polo Club And Novillo Astrada Family The Novillo Astrada family has a tradition of more than 60 years in polo. Julio Novillo Astrada, born in 1916, was passionate about polo and horses and his sons Julio and Eduardo inherited this passion and started to play in their fields in Cordoba, called La Aguada. In the 70s, Don Julio acquired lands in Open Door, Buenos Aires and, to keep the tradition alive, he called them La Aguada too. His aim was that his sons and grandsons would play polo near their place of residence, the city of Buenos Aires.

Thanks to the hard work of the family, La Aguada is now one of the best polo clubs in the world. The club won its first Hurlingham Open in 1986. 1990 was a very singular year for La Aguada: the team, formed by Taio and his teenage sons Eduardo, Miguel and Javier won the “Copa República Argentina”. In 1999 the team reached the finals of the Argentine Open, and in 2003, when Nacho joined the team, La Aguada won the Argentine Triple Crown, and wrote a chapter of history by becoming the first team formed by four siblings to win the most important polo trophy worldwide.

The Novillo Astrada brothers, Eduardo (9), Miguel (10), Javier (9), Nacho (9) and Alejandro (7) have achieved outstanding accomplishments in polo in the most important tournaments worldwide. The Novillo Astrada tradition has already passed to the next generation, and it looks like it will keep on expanding.

# What’s new in this fifth edition?

This fifth edition will comprise som big “talks” : –

Eight teams broken down into two leagues(A-B) –

All the players will be rated with brand new amateur handicaps.

Summing this up, the competition is for teams up to 24 goals amateur handicap.

Bifurcation of Leagues

League A

● Libres del Sur [Emiliano Nespola 5, Ezequiel Nervi 6, Christian Condomi Alcorta 7, Eduardo Novillo Astrada 6]

● Las Bétulas [Diego Harriague 5, Diego Steverlynck 5, Javier Uranga 8, Tomás Allende 5]

● La Cautiva [Tomás Gilligan 5, Federico Benítez Cruz 5, Christian Cavanagh 7, Matías Iribarren 5]

● Miralejos [Ernesto F. Urien 4, Emiliano J. Urien 5, Thomas Urien 6, José Arnal 5]

League B

● Esmowing [Nicolás Pisarenko 6, Miguel Vigano 6, Ignacio Uranga 6, Marcelo Young 5]

● RSK Polo Team [Jerónimo Bosch 5, Esteban Llavallol 5, Francisco Moretti 5, Christian von Rennekampf 8]

● La Aguada [Alejandro Savage 5, Mariano Bosch 5, Diego Bosch 5, Maximiliano Pistone 7]

● La Malterina SBG [Roberto Boero Mansilla 5, Juan Saffratti 4, Federico Pieres 6, Alejandro Amadeo y Videla 6]

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