Wins for Aguilas Doradas and La Trinidad at the Thai Polo Weekend Tournament

The first Thai Polo Weekend Tournament resumed on Thursday at Thai Polo Argentina, in Pilar. Six 12-goal teams are competing, but only two will make the final on March 24. Three matches will be played on the day of the final, so there will be plenty of polo for everyone!


This will be the first of several medium goal competitions played during the autumn season in Argentina. Once again, Thai Polo Argentina and Minuto Siete show their commitment to promoting polo in the region.


Thursday’s matchday was as follows:



Aguilas Doradas: Aldo Yachecen 0 (1 goal), Diego Valeriani 1, Vasco Izaguirre 4, Matias Torres Zavaleta 7 (6). Total: 12.

Campanulata: Lucas Criado Jr 2 (4 goals), Eitan Koran 0, Benja Urquiza 6 (2), Matías Ballesteros 4. Total: 12.

Score Águilas Doradas: 2-2, 2-2, 4-2, 5-4, 7-6.



La Trinidad: Lorenzo Metro 0, Agustín Muhler 2 (1 goal), Juan Zubiaurre 5 (4), Ignacio Acuña 5 (6). Total: 12.

Los Palenques: Fernando Valente 0, Alejo Pienovi 1 (2 goals), Lucas Criado 7 (1), Enrique Bauzada 4 (4). Total: 12.

Score La Trinidad: 2-1, 4-2, 7-3, 10-4, 11-7.


The Thai Polo Weekend Tournament will resume on Friday:

4pm: Los Nocheros vs La Trinidad



Los Nocheros: Sebastian Schneberger 1, TBA 0, Santi Zubiaurre 5, Valentin Novillo Astrada 6. Total: 12.

Twenty/20: Philip De Groot 0, Fer Monteverde 1, Martín Bilbao 4, Temy Willington 7. Total: 12.




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