Frasers England win Ladies International
On Sunday 24 November, in the first international arena bout of the season and in a break from the wet British winter, Frasers England defeated WIP UK 17-9 in the Final of The Ladies Nations Cup at The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club (RCBPC).

Following an exciting match, Frasers England not only picked up the victory honours, but also The Polo Magazine Most Valuable Player for back Lucy Coddington and the Polo Times Best Playing Pony honours for Saskia Meadows’ pony Loucha.

Congratulations ladies!

The Ladies Nations Cup Final Teams:Frasers England (6): Saskia Meadow (2), Claire Brougham (2) & Lucy Coddington (2)WIP UK (6): Georgia Harding (0), Nell Jacob (3) & Heloise Wilson-Smith (3) 

Photograph: Frasers England defeat WIP UK in the Final of The Ladies Nations Cup. Courtesy of WIP UK

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