To become a certified umpire, a member must take and pass the online test every year for both an outdoor and an arena umpire rating. To begin the process of completing the Umpire Test, sign into the USPA Member Portal. Your username is the email on file for your membership.

log in page member portal

Once logged in, it is possible that you may be sent to your dashboard. Instead, please return to the USPA Member Portal by clicking here. Then, on the navigation bar located at the top, click on Umpire Test.

umpire test web page

The 2020 Umpire Tests are now hosted on a new platform called PoloSK. If you have already registered for PoloSK, then access the 2020 Umpire Tests directly by clicking here.

If you haven’t yet registered, begin by clicking on the red button located at the bottom of the page that reads “CLICK HERE.”

click here button on umpire test

After being directed to PoloSK’s Registration Form, complete any missing information and click “REGISTER.”

register page

Once you’ve registered for PoloSK, an email will be sent to reset your password.

email to reset password

Follow the email’s prompts to be taken directly to PoloSK’s menu page, where 2020 Arena and Outdoor tests may be taken.

arena and outdoor umpire test

Click on “FINISH” once you’ve completed your exam to view the number of incorrect and correct answers, along with your final score. 95% is required to pass the exam.

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