2021 POLO Rider Cup ticketing is opened

GAME Polo has opened the sales of the ticketing service for the 2021 POLO Rider Cup, which will be held from 10 to 20 June 2021 at the Polo Club of Chantilly, north of Paris.

Tickets will be for the last 4 days, 17 to 20 June 2021, and can be purchased now on:

the POLO Rider Cup website https://www.poloridercup.com/ticketinghospitality
or on

France Billet at https://www.francebillet.com/billet-sortie/acheter/sports-equestres-polo-rider-cup-manprc01-lt.htm
or on

Fnac at https://www.fnacspectacles.com/place-spectacle/ticket-evenement/sports-equestres-polo-rider-cup-manprc01-lt.htm

For more information, please contact GAME Polo at: media@game-polo.com



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