8-Goal Empire Polo Team and 4-Goal Zahedi Chogan Win the Finals

USPA General George Patton Tournament Finals
8-Goal and 4-Goal Leagues

The Sunday finals of the General George Patton Cup pitted last year’s winners, Evergreen (Tom Sprung -1, Carlos Galindo 2, Carlitos Galindo 4, Juan Jo Gonzalez 3) against Empire (Rob Scapa 0, Robert Payne II 3, Rob Payne III 3, Russell Stimmel 2). Scapa and the Texans outscored the Evergreen team in the first chukker with Robert Payne and Rob Scapa each putting a point on the board. Carlos Galindo converted a penalty 2 shot, and the first time period ended with Empire leading 2 to 1. After an evenly matched second chukker, the score remained at 2 to 1. Russel Stimmel fired one through the posts for the only goal of the third chukker, ending the first half with Empire out in front, 3 to 1. Empire’s Rob Payne took control to begin the second half, scoring two back to back goals. Rob Scapa followed with a great run to goal for his second goal of the day. Carlitos Galindo sent a scoring bullet through for Evergreen. Stimmel answered for Empire. Carlos Galindo made a penalty 3 for Evergreen, ending the competitive fourth chukker in Empire’s favor, 7 to 3. The momentum continued for the Empire team, scoring the first two goals in the fifth chukker. Carlitos Galindo’s amazing, homegrown thirteen-year old gelding, Kahuna, got loose for a scoring run for Evergreen, and won the honors of Best Playing Pony. Robert Payne added one for Empire, extending their lead, with the score of 9 to 4 at the end of chukker five. Evergreen rallied in the last chukker, scoring two unanswered goals, but it was not enough to catch Empire, who went home victorious with the Roenisch  bronzes, defeating Evergreen 9 to 6.

Rob Scapa won MVP. L to R: Alex Haagen III and Rob Scapa.
Kahuna won Best Playing Pony. L to R: Amelia Gilroy, Carla Diewert , Carlitos Galindo and Meaghan Galindo.

4-Goal USPA Gen. Patton Tournament

It was Zahedi Chogan (Sy Zahedi -1, Meghan Gracida 0, Dayelle Fargey 1.5, Francisco Guinazu 3) and Grand Prairie Buffaloes (Ross Adams 0, Cheryl Schindel -.5, Garret Smith 1.5, Joe Henderson 3) battling for the bronzes in the General George Patton Cup 4-Goal finals. Dayelle Fargey was the first to score for Zahedi Chogan. Garrett Smith answered for the Buffaloes. Sy Zahedi joined in, adding another goal, ending the first chukker with Zahedi Chogan in the lead, 2.5 to 1. The second time period was dominated by Zahedi Chogan, adding three unanswered points. The trend continued in the third chukker. Meghan Gracida had a nice carry to goal that Francisco tapped in. Then Meghan sent a 40-yard shot through the posts. Dayelle Fargey, who closely marked Big Joe Henderson all day, made a wide-open run to score for Zahedi Chogan. That ended the first half with Zahedi Chogan pulling away, 8.5 to 1. Grand Prairie Buffaloes were unable to score in the fourth time period, while Meghan Gracida and Francisco Guinazu each added a goal for Zahedi Chogan, ending the fourth chukker with the score 10.5 to 1. The Buffaloes rallied in the fifth and last chukker. Garrett Smith scored twice. Ross Adams and Cheryl Schindel scored one apiece. It was a valiant effort, but not enough to catch Zahedi Chogan. As the clock wound down Francisco took a booming 150-yard shot at goal, which was air-born as the horn sounded, and then soared through the posts! Although his megahit was too late to count, the Zahedi Chogan team earned the bronzes, with a triumphant score of 10.5 to 5.

Zahedi Chogan: Francisco Guinazu, Dayelle Fargey, Meghan Gracida and Sy Zahedi.
Meghan Gracida won MVP.
Rosita won Best Playing Pony. L to R: Francisco Guinazu, Heidi Moreno and Sergio Mercado.

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