Action and optimism are on in Chantilly

Under this unprecedented situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected and altered the lives of the entire population globally, there are some areas of the planet that gradually begin to return to their regular lives, although with several restrictions. Important news came from England and USA this week regarding the future of polo, also France get into a phase of deconfinement.

One of the Clubs with more action regarding polo is Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, that started with some activities this past week. The club representatives shared with Pololine part of the plans for the weeks ahead:

“Since May 11, France has started its first phase of deconfinement. The practice of sport and more particularly of outdoor riding has been authorized under certain conditions. This is why activity at the Chantilly Polo Club was able to resume at the Pony Club and on the fields for individual and group training, limited to ten people in compliance with the strict sanitary rules in force.

A new point will be made by the government from June 2, but it has already announced the opening of the borders with Germany, Austria and Switzerland for June 15. All these elements together give us good hope of a resumption of our tournaments from June 6 with European levels (6/8 goals and 0/4 goals).”

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