Aiken Polo Club hoping to start delayed spring polo season soon after May 15

Following a delay caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Aiken Polo Club is hoping to get its spring season underway soon after May 15.

That’s the date when the United States Polo Association, the sport’s official governing body in this country, is scheduled to end the suspension of all of its tournaments and other events.

The USPA also has strongly recommended that all polo clubs not conduct any tournaments and other events of their own before then.

Aiken Polo Club Manager Tiger Kneece plans for his organization to start holding practices May 15.

A few days afterward, he said, the USPA Players Cup 4-goal tournament probably will begin and run through May 24.

The USPA Constitution Cup 6-goal tournament will be held May 22-June 7.

The USPA Players Cup and the USPA Constitution Cup each will have $2,500 in prize money.

The National Youth Tournament Series is set for May 29-31.

A Pro Am tournament is a possibility for June 2-14.

Kneece said he didn’t know yet if spectators would be allowed at games because of restrictions related to the pandemic.

He planned to reach out to City of Aiken officials prior to May 15 to discuss that issue.

“We get calls from people every day saying, ‘Man, we would love to get outside and go watch some polo,’” Kneece said. “We’re going to let them (city officials) guide us. We’re going to do what they say. We don’t want to risk anything.”

The Aiken Polo Club is considering limiting field-side parking to every other space during Sunday games at Whitney Field if spectators are allowed.

For updates on what is happening, visit or the Aiken Polo Club page on Facebook.

The number for the Aiken Polo Club’s hotline is 803-643-3611.

Polo has been played on Whitney Field each year since 1882.

*Players from LBL Polo/Gold’s Dragoons and Black Berg fight for the ball during a 2017 polo match at Whitney Field.


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