An Exciting Win for Habtoor Polo Team at the First Match of the Season

The action is back on the beautiful fields of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club as the Halloween Cup 2020 opened with a match between Habtoor Polo and Hesketh/Ankora team.

Ricardo Garros delivered the opening goal of the first tournament of the season, and Santos Iriarte matched this for Habtoor Polo team. The first chukker ended with a one-goal lead for Hesketh/Ankora Polo.

The succeeding chukkers saw the teams neck on neck with Habtoor Al Habtoor snatching the lead with two goals by the end of the second chukker. Tomas Palacios Bacque created a tie by the end of the third, and the two penalty shots from Tomy Iriarte edged Habtoor Polo team ahead of the game by mid of the fourth chukker. Hesketh/Ankora closed in by delivering two goals. It was the last goal from Santos that took the win for Habtoor Polo at 8 goals to 7.

Habtoor Polo vs. Hesketh/Ankora Polo Match Progression: 2-3 | 5-4 | 5-5 8-7

The next match between Mahra Polo and Green Gates Polo team is scheduled on the 24th October 2020, 16:30, on Field 2.

The Halloween Cup 2020 is sponsored by Danube Hospitality Solutions.

* All tournaments are subject to the regulations and guidelines issued by the authorities.

Pictures by Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club


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