Another five things we learned from Harry Redknapp’s Sandbanks Summer

The third episode of Harry Redknapp’s Sandbanks Summer aired on Wednesday night.

The former King of The Jungle was joined by I’m a Celebrity friends, Nick Knowles and Rita Simons, as they watched the beach polo. Harry then performed a rap by DJ Luck in front of thousands at Sandfest.

Here are a further five things we learned about Harry’s life in Sandbanks.

1. Harry gets Sandra to do everything

Nick Knowles arrives at Harry’s multi-million-pound property on the Sandbanks peninsula and is greeted by the former Cherries manager’s two dogs, Barnie and Loulou.

The DIY SOS host then politely asks his host for a coffee, a simple task for 72-year-old Harry Redknapp one would assume?

“I’ll grab Sandra, she’ll make it.” Harry says. “She’s upstairs, I’ll give her a shout.”

Nick replies: “You’re joking? You must know how to make a cup of coffee.”

Harry explains that Sandra has bought a new coffee machine which has bewildered him.

Step in Nick Knowles however, he susses out the device in no time.

2. He loves a bet on them, but Harry is useless at riding horses

After watching some beach polo, Harry, Nick and Rita decide to give it a go themselves.

Harry’s up first and struggles to mount the horse. He is 72 years old, in all fairness.

“My balance, I’m all over the shop, I’m going to fall off. I’ve never sat on a horse in my life,” he worryingly tells his instructors.

He cops out however, and instead decides to commentate on a penalty shootout between Nick and Rita.

Spoiler alert, Rita wins.

3. Harry has friends who have amphibious boats

Harry heads over to the harbour side of the peninsula where he meets up with former neighbour Celia Sawyer.

Celia’s house has its own private beach, and the pair then head out on her amphibious boat.

“We used to use it to go to Tescos,” Celia says.

Harry then tells the viewer that the cost of property per square foot is higher than Monte Carlo.

Celia drops Harry off at his house and he leaves the amphibious boat. It really is a different world.

4. Sandra missed the ‘swinging sixties’

Molly Redknapp, Harry and Sandra’s granddaughter, is taking them to Sandfest.

The trio joke they will be the oldest there and won’t be let in.

“The swinging sixties passed me by.” Sandra tells the viewer.

“I went to see the Beatles once and I just couldn’t understand why all the girls were screaming.

“I think I was probably the one in the minority.”

Maybe DJ Luck will be more to Sandra’s liking.

5. Harry can’t get enough of Smooth Radio

Speaking about his taste in music, Harry tells the viewer he likes Smooth radio.

He tells the viewer more than once.

“I love Smooth, I have Smooth on every day on the radio all day, I love Smooth, Smooth Radio,” he says.

“All the great songs, you know? Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston.”

He seems to get into DJ Luck though, and even manages to perform it at Sandfest.

Next week, in the final episode, Harry takes his family camping on Brownsea Island and has a round of minigolf with Jamie.

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