Argentina Bans Flights Until 1 September

No internal and international commercial flights
Yesterday, Monday 27 April, as a direct result of the Coronavirus outbreak Argentina’s National Civil Aviation Administration issued a decree banning all ticket sales for commercial flights within, to or from Argentina, until 1 September. Many other countries in the region have also stopped commercial flights, but none to the extent of Argentina and it is thought the bans could result in over 300,000 jobs being put at risk in the country.   

This decision of course has a direct impact upon polo across the globe, as well as here in the UK. Earlier in the month the Hurlingham Polo Association optimistically announced proposed amended dates for the 2020 Victor Ludorum series (8 goals and above), with the 22 goal scheduled to begin in mid-June. However, yesterday’s decision by Argentina’s National Civil Aviation Administration may well put some of the top teams in the 2020 polo season under threat with many depending upon overseas players to bolster their line-ups and grooms to manage their ponies, Polo Times has learnt that Facundo Sola and Adolfo Cambiaso are amongst those players currently in Argentina. However, as the old adage goes ‘with every cloud there is a silver lining’ and perhaps the reduction in overseas players, who will be unable to participate in the start of the UK 2020 season, may open up spaces in teams for home-grown talent – something which critics have been calling for for many years.  

Photograph: Adolfo Cambiaso, pictured here in the 2014 Coronation Cup playing for Argentina, may not be allowed to travel from Argentina until September. By ©  

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