Ayala Polo Club takes Sotogrande into a thrilling new era

Polo in 2021 is going to be very different – but one thing is for sure, the future looks promising! A partnership has been forged between Ayala Polo Club and Minuto Siete, and Dos Lunas has also unveiled an ambitious project with the Sotogrande high goal in mind. 

Therefore, commitment is strong enough to ensure the comeback of high goal to Sotogrande, where the polo season reaches its peak every August. Furthermore, Sotogrande will take on a new challenge, as medium goal competitions will be due to start in June, continue in July, and when time comes to greet the most important polo organisations in the world, the first class facilities provided by Ayala Polo Club, and the fields at Dos Lunas, will be ready for high goal action. 

The high goal will feature teams up to 20 goals, while medium goal will be rated at 14 goals. It is worth noting that other grounds in the area have shown interest in the project, and may join forces with Ayala and Dos Lunes over the coming weeks. 

In addition, Minuto Siete, a company with much experience organising high quality sports events, will be accompanying the plight. “We feel proud and privileged to form part of this ambitious project,” shares Manuel Cereceda, CEO of Minuto Siete. “It will be a challenge for Minuto Siete in this new era of high goal polo in Sotogrande, and we are already working in order to achieve the expectations required.” 

“We are very enthusiastic about this project, an opportunity to bring the best polo back to Sotogrande and host several months of high end competition,” share representatives of Ayala Polo Club. “We aim to provide the best level of polo also in June and July.” 

While all eyes are currently set on the intense 2020 season in Argentina, 2021 is not too far off and there is already much news about what’s to come. Sotogrande is sure to shine in the spotlight, hosting three unmissable months of action! 


Manuel Cereceda


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