Cámara de Diputados Cup to resume on Wednesday

The Cámara de Diputados Cup is set to resume on Wednesday, December 2, with eight matches of the second qualification round. This is the most important polo competition to be played alongside the Argentine Open, and showcases sixteen teams between 24 and 28 goals. The main draw includes twelve teams from the Pilar Cup and its respective playoffs, as well as four teams that entered from Palermo’s Qualification tournament.

The final of the Cámara de Diputados Cup is due on Thursday, December 17. 

Results – Day 1:

La Esquina 16-10 La Irenita 

Ellerstina 11-12 Trenque Lauquen

La Cañada 10-9 El Overo UAE

Brava 15-12 Chapa Uno Thai Polo 

Alegría 15-12 La California

La Aguada 7-15 Sol de Agosto

Coronel Suárez 11-12 Martindale

La Aguada Saint Mesme 13-14 Indios Chapaleufú II

The order of play for the second round of the Cámara de Diputados Cup, due on Wednesday December 2, is the following:

League 4:

10am: Brava vs El Overo UAE

12pm: La Cañada vs Chapa Uno Thai Polo

League 3:

10am: Alegria vs La Aguada 

10am: Sol de Agosto vs La California

League 2:

4pm: Martindale vs La Aguada Sainte Mesme

4pm: Coronel Suárez vs Indios Chapaleufu II

League 1:

4pm: Trenque Lauquen vs La Irenita

4pm: La Esquina vs Ellerstina La H 


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