Campionato Italiano di Polo kicks off in Rome

The Campionato Italiano di Polo, supported by the FISE (Italian Equestrian Federation), began on Thursday at Roma Polo Club, one of the world’s most beautiful polo settings. Matches are also being played at Acquedotto Romano Polo Club, located just thirty minutes from the city.

Seven teams, split into two zones, are in competition: Zone A play a round robin over two days, while Zone B play two matches. The winner of each zone qualifies for the final.

The final of the Campionato Italiano di Polo is set for Sunday, October 4. The match will be streamed LIVE on PoloLine TV HERE.

Campionato Italiano di Polo – Day 1:

  • La Vandea 1-7 Battistoni/Castelluccia
  • Battistoni/Castelluccia 6-0 Los Avellanos/Clanis
  • La Vandea 6-0 Los Avellanos/Clanis
  • VAS – Pier. Gio 11-3 Land Rover Polo Team
  • Acquedotto Romano PC 4-6 Nautor’s Swan

The Campionato Italiano di Polo resumes on Friday:

1pm, Round Robin: La Vandea, Battistoni/Castelluccia & Los Avellanos/Clanis (Roma Polo Club)

3:30pm: Nautor’s Swan vs Land Rover Polo Team

4:30pm: Acquedotto Romano PC vs VAS – Pier. Gio 


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