The 2020-2021 Intercollegiate/Interscholastic (I/I) season is going to look a bit different this year, especially for USPA intercollegiate programs. Due to COVID-19 several programs were forced to shut down at the end of the spring season. Even though many schools are back in session, some colleges and universities aren’t allowing club sports or organizations to be active, bringing some teams’ fall polo plans to a screeching halt. Although college programs are eligible to receive assistance through the USPA COVID-19 Equine Welfare Relief Program (ERP), without polo being played, some clubs are not receiving student dues to support their programs. The USPA has been very impressed by some clever fundraising ideas, so please take a peek at this week’s I/I Team Spotlight and consider supporting their fundraiser!

ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY POLO CLUB: The University of Kentucky Polo Team is a fully student-run club polo team with both men’s and women’s varsity and junior varsity teams. The club functions out of K Bar C Ranch in Wilmore, Kentucky, and is fortunate enough to host matches as well as travel for games and tournaments. The club currently has 14 horses that are able to compete at both the varsity and club level. The University of Kentucky Women’s Varsity team received the wildcard for the 2020 Women’s Intercollegiate National Tournament and two team members, Louisa Huber and Lila Bennett, received All-Star recognition in the Women’s Intercollegiate Regional Tournament.

University of Kentucky women's and men's polo team members.

University of Kentucky women’s and men’s polo team members.

SEE’S CANDIES® FUNDRAISER: For the club’s See’s Candies® fundraiser, a portion of every box of candy sold will go towards helping the club pay for board, new turnout blankets for the horses, and farrier services. The club felt that there was no better time to give people the opportunity to safely send gifts to loved ones while also helping a great cause!


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