Chantilly – French Open

Press release, Chantilly, September 17, 2020

Amanara-Talandracas and Les Lions Panarea-Marquard Media: two semi-finals of this exceptional French Open 2020 that you can’t miss! 4 teams of 4 different nationalities (the Netherlands-France and the United States-Switzerland) with outstanding players

A big patron who has contributed a lot to the success of his team Marqués de Riscal this summer, Alejandro Aznar (left) against the Argentine Fran Elizalde with a handicap of 8

The competition for the 4th place of these semi-finals was played yesterday evening between Talandracas and the Spanish defending champion, Marqués de Riscal. The match delivered its promise with all the ingredients to form great encounter: speed, level of play and suspense. A real police action film in which we had to wait until the very end to know … the victim! Throughout the game, the players kept fighting non-stop. There was only one small break at the end of the 3rd period when Talandracas was leading 5-7, but Marqués de Riscal came back, got ahead, got caught … and took over (11/10). 15 seconds from the final bell, Alejandro Muzzio still had a final opportunity to equalize on a penalty at 60 yards, which would have led to overtime. Unfortunately, as often would happen in these situations, the pressure trembled the arm of the handicap 8 player, after delivering a yet fierce performance. Marqués de Riscal (it is now the name of the victim) was therefore eliminated during the final quarter, leaving their spot for Marquard Media for the semi-final.

These 4 semi-finalists have already met in the qualifying phase: Talandracas beat Amanara by just a small goal, whilst Marquard Media offered the most resistance against the invincible Lions. With all that being said, one would have to be very smart to predict the result of the Grand Final on Sunday!

Talandracas progression: 2/2 – 4/4 – 7/5 – 8/9 and 11/10

The semi-finals, Friday September 16:

Field #1 at 4:30 p.m.

Marquard Media: Ignacio KENNEDY (ARG, h4), Jota CHAVANNE (ARG, h5), Martin AGUERRE Jr. (ARG h7), Tommy RINDERKNECHT (SUI, h0)
Les Lions Panarea: Aristide FAGGIONATO (ITA, h1), Dillon BACON (USA, h2), Barto CASTAGNOLA (ARG, h8), Tommy BERESFORD (IRL, h6)

Fiel Honneur 1 at 6:00 p.m.

Amanara: Nicky SEN (HOL, h0), Segundo CONDESE STANGA (ARG, h3), Santiago CHAVANNE (ARH, h7), Santiago LABORDE (ARG, h6)
Talandracas: Nick ROGERSON (GBR, h1), Jeta Castagnola (ARG, h7), Fran Elizalde (ARG, h8), Édouard CARMIGNAC (FRA, h0)

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