Competitive Polo Resumes Next Week for 8 Goal & Above

HPA Update No 9
Tonight, Saturday 13 June, the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) has made a statement regarding their revised position on competitive polo. Whilst this clears the way for the high goal to resume, the effects on 8 goal and below will be far reaching and potentially damaging with polo still limited to three on three, no contact, non-competitive training.  

“Following further consultation with the Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and our legal advisers the HPA has concluded it appropriate to continue polo on a progressive basis and in line with its plans from the beginning of next week, subject to some important changes.”

The 8 goal and above and Victrix Ludorum may proceed as planned but each team must include a minimum of 3 professional or aged 16 and over elite pathway players (as 1st January 2020), along with the team player/manager who will is responsible for putting together and entering the team. The HPA will produce a list of elite pathway players shortly which will be kept under review as the season progresses.”

Below the 8 goal level and Victrix Ludorum polo continues to be limited to 3 on 3 no contact and non-competitive training.

This is being kept under constant review.”A number of important rule changes are being introduced to ensure minimal contact between players, in addition to the procedures and compliance requirements the sport has already put in place to conform with government guidelines.”

It is absolutely crucial that all clubs adhere strictly to these procedures which have been reviewed by the DCMS and that players and all other attendees support clubs in their management of these procedures. This adherence is the responsibility of every individual and on which the continuation of the sport is dependent. The HPA will shortly be introducing a mandatory education module as a one off, in line with that in racing which will take 30 minutes. It will also be in Spanish.”

The continuation of the sport is critical for everyone involved, including the various businesses and individuals who derive their livelihood from it. We will continue to keep under review the opportunity to open the sport up further to competitive play below 8 goal and hope to do so as soon as we are able under government guidelines.”These are unprecedented times for the whole country as well as all sports and we would like to thank the All Party Parliamentary Polo Group for its continued help and support in coming to this progressive conclusion at this difficult stage.”

Photograph: Competitive polo will resume next week. By ©

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