Copa De Las Naciones Postponed

News from Argentina

Over 10 – 12 April, a strong Frasers England side were due head to Argentina to play upon the hallowed grounds of Palermo for the inaugural Copa De Las Naciones, playing on a 16-22 goal handicap against Argentina and USA. The Hurlingham Polo Association confirmed the team as Hazel Jackson-Gaona (10 – Captain), Rosanna Turk (5), Holly Butler (4) and Beanie Bradley (3) 

However, on 11 March it was announced by the Argentine Sports Secretary that sports activities being played in Argentina in which athletes from the most affected countries were due to participate were suspended due to Coronavirus after the World Health Organisation recently classified the Covid-19 outbreak as a pandemic. The other Autumn Cups in Argentina will follow their normal course. As the Copa De Las Naciones included participation from the UK and USA, the decision was made to postpone the event. At the moment the FIP and AAP have not yet commented, but the cancellation has been confirmed and is in line with other major Argentine sporting events being cancelled such as the Motul Argentina Grand Prix which was due to take place at the end of April and has now been rescheduled for November.

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