Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, there may be situations where members are unable to maintain proper upkeep of their horses. A number of organizations across the United States have created programs to assist in aiding horse owners with ways to provide feed or relocation for horses in need. The Equine Welfare Committee also recommend that horse owners reach out to their State Horse Councils to see if additional options are available.

American Horse Council
Provides general information as it pertains to the disease, safety net programs for horse owners, webinars for keeping busy while staying home, Financial Relief Information, Biosecurity and Disinfection Protocols for Equine Facilities and more

United Horse Coalition Resource Database
Provides a list of programs by state and national programs for rescues, sanctuaries, retirement facilities, feed and hay assistance and more.

Fleet of Angels
Grant program for horse owners who do not have the financial means to cover the cost of feed.

Equine Assistance Project
This group has both a Hay Assistance Program as well as Re-Homing Assistance.

One Horse at a Time, Inc.
Programs for Emergency Medical Needs as well as an Emergency Feed and Hay Program.

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