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In only a few years, Curtis Pilot has become one of the most influential American players. In 2019, he made history winning the inaugural GAUNTLET OF POLO® at International Polo Club Palm Beach (Wellington, Florida) in addition to winning the 2019 Jockey Club Open in Argentina.

Ready to continue his successful run this year, Curtis was a fan favorite to win the 2020 USPA Gold Cup® and the 2020 U.S. Open Polo Championship®, until the season was suspended. “We felt like we were playing better together as a team every game. The teams for the 2020 GAUNTLET OF POLO® were so evenly balanced that every team had to show up and play their best in order to move forward. It was anybody’s game, every time. I feel like the more competitive the games are, the more I like it and the more people like to watch it,” said Curtis Pilot.

Living his dream, Pilot is hopeful for the future of polo in Argentina and the Florida 2021 season. “I just want to continue playing at the level I have been. We are hoping that Argentina will open up and we will be able to play there, as well as in Florida for the 2021 season.”

Being very close to the Pieres family, Pilot has managed to grow in the sport thanks to the Pieres brothers. “When I was able to start playing high-goal polo, I decided that, if possible, I would like to take the field with Facundo and the members of the Pieres family. I believe in their family-based philosophy and aim to primarily ride only Ellerstina bloodlines. I have enjoyed being associated with them and I couldn’t imagine, nor would I want to take the field with any other players,” says Pilot. The bond goes beyond the field, as he is a friend to one of the most significant polo families in history.

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Aiming to primarily ride only Ellerstina bloodlines, Curtis Pilot shares a special bond with the Pieres family on and off the field. ©Dawn Pilot

“My goal is and has always been to enjoy the game and the people I am around. Playing with Facundo and Gonzalito Pieres in the United States always makes the game more enjoyable. Last year, I had the honor to play with all three brothers in Argentina. I am looking forward to the Argentine season and hoping that we will be able to play both there and in the United States,” Curtis Pilot told CLICKPOLOUSA.

The sport of polo continues to grow in the United States and around the world. “In Argentina, polo is a family sport; you see generations playing the game together on their own fields and farms. I am hoping that the more we are able to get polo to the public the more people will want to get involved.”

During these difficult and uncertain times, Pilot chooses to remain optimistic and is grateful to have been surrounded by family during the quarantine. “I am thankful for my time with them and I am looking forward to our new normal.”


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