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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced the suspension of many activities and events around the world and the 2020 USPA Gold Cup® is no exception. Out of the four teams in the semifinals, three have star players playing at 10 goals: Pelon Stirling (Las Monjitas), Polito Pieres (La Indiana), Facundo Pieres (Pilot) and Gonzalito Pieres (Pilot). What the fourth team, Daily Racing Form, lacks in 10-goal players they make up for in balance, with Jared Zenni* and Agustín Obregón at 6 goals and Costi Caset* and Tommy Collingwood at 5 goals.

Although having a 10-goal player on a team is eye-catching, Daily Racing Form’s Jared Zenni said, “having a high-goal player on your team has its benefits but also its disadvantages. It means having someone experienced and dependable. When you need them to make a big play, they do. They are incredibly well-rounded and come with their organization of amazing horses. However, in some of the smaller tournaments in Argentina, like the Cámara de Diputados Cup, we were all on the same page fighting to grow as players and I think that is really good.”

Zenni has grown and advanced as a polo player the last few years. “I am just trying to get better every day by working out and practicing penalties, as well as, learning as much as I can from coaches and anyone giving advice.” He and his team’s dedication to the sport is undoubtedly what makes watching Daily Racing Form enjoyable during the 2020 USPA Gold Cup®.

When asked about his favorite players, Jared respectively answered, “There are too many players to choose just one. There are so many good ones.” While he enjoys watching all players, he ultimately favors 9- and 10-goal players. “I really like the ones that help a team work well and do not play selfishly. They make everyone around them better. Watch the little things they do and see what adjustments they make. I try to pick up everything they are doing on the field.” Zenni strives to mature as a player through observation and his willingness to learn may be exactly what sets him apart as one of the best players to watch during the GAUNTLET OF POLO®.

*Jared Zenni and Costi Caset are Team USPA alumni. The mission of Team USPA is to improve the sport of polo in the United States by developing the talent/skills of young American players through mentored training and playing opportunities, ultimately leading to a pool of higher-rated American players.

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