Deauville: Coupe d’Argent enters decisive stage

The polo season kicked off this weekend at Deauville. This year is a special one for the Normandie based club, as its most prestigious tournament, the Coupe d’Or, celebrates its 70th Anniversary.

After an exhibition match held on Saturday, the Coupe d’Argent began. The tournament sees four teams, up to 16-goals, in competition.

The final is  set for August 16.


  • Coupe d’Argent (16 goals): August 9-16.
  • Coupe d’Or (16 goals): August 15-30.
  • Ladies Polo Cup (12 goals): August 12-15.
  • Coupe de Bronze (8 goals):


Marqués de Riscal 10-8 Barriere

Talandracas 9-6 Marqués de Riscal

Barriere 8-5 Maison Decale


MAISON DECALE: Thomas Rolland 2, Pierre Henri N’Goumou 6, Edouard Pan 4, Ramiro Zavaleta 4.

MARQUES DE RISCAL: Alejandro Aznar 0, Luis Aznar 1, Santiago Cernadas 7, Alejandro Muzzio 8.

TALANDRACAS: Edouard Carmignac 0, Fran Elizalde 8, Tito Ruiz Guiñazú 7, Nick Rogerson 1.

BARRIERE: Tommy Rinderknecht 0, Jota Chavanne 5, Martin Aguerre 7, Nacho Kennedy 4.

Action at Deauville continues as follows:

Wesnesday 12: Ladies Polo Cup:Le Drakkar vs Brok Cafe

La Villa sur la Plage vs Maison Décalé

Thursday 13: Coupe d’Argent:

Maison Décalé vs Talandracas


LE DRAKKAR: Britta Krane-Piltz 0, Marie-Louise Haupt 3, Sabrina Bosch 3, Elena Venot 6.

LA VILLA SUR LA PLAGE: Rosanna Turk 5, Noémie Eisenchteter 1, Caroline Anier 4, Ambre Ploix 2.

MAISON DÉCALÉ: Estelle P. England 1, Marion Ambrosetti 1, Rebecca Walters 6, Olivia Uechtritz 4.

BROK CAFÉ: Margaux Perruchot 2, Lavinia Fabre 3, Adèle Renauldon 3, Alice Walsh 4.

PHOTO CREDIT: Pascal Renauldon

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