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Winning one of the most important tournaments in the world, American, Dillon Bacon, playing for Les Lions, won the Cartier Queen’s Cup in England after defeating Park Place in the final.

“This is one of the best moments of my life. I have been trying to win the Cartier Queen’s Cup ever since I came here with my father as a young child. When you see this type of polo, the players, the horses and the field, you dream of one day being on the field and having the chance to win it. It is a dream come true,” said Dillon Bacon.

Dillon 2

Dillon Bacon lives out his childhood dream of not only playing but also winning the Cartier Queen’s Cup.

Chosen as the Most Valuable Player, Dillon played alongside brothers Camilo and Barto Castagnola and Santiago Laborde. “I always wished that I would be able to win this, that I would have the opportunity to do it. Everything has come together this season.”

Les Lions had lost the Prince of Wales Trophy final against Park Place and the King Power Gold Cup final against Next Generation. “We had ups and downs and made it to two of the finals, but in the Cartier Queen’s Cup final, we managed to win it. It has been quite stressful on everyone, but it is a dream come true,” said Dillon.

Dillon 3

Dillon Bacon sends a booming shot down the field.

“I have been playing with Gonzalo García del Río my entire life in America, the UK and France. He is my polo manager and Pro. I love watching Pablo Mac Donough play and think it would be fun being in a team with him. He is a legend on the pitch and so talented. In fact, I have bought my horses from him and their family organization in addition to the ones I get from Zacara Ranch and Ellerstina.”

After the Cartier Queen’s Cup victory, Dillon stated that the Les Lions players worked well together, especially having defeated Park Place, one of the strongest organizations in the UK. This win has prepared him for his next tournament. After a short rest, he will partake in the Open de France. “After I recover my voice and have a little celebration with the team, I am going to France. I will be playing with Barto and Tommy Beresford for a good friend of mine, Arístide Faggionato. Then maybe a Cartier Queen’s Cup next year; we will see.”

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