The National Youth Tournament Series Program was established to provide youth players the opportunity to compete against their peers in USPA-sanctioned outdoor tournaments. At each qualifier, All-Stars are selected by an appointed committee. All-Stars are then eligible to be selected to compete in the NYTS Championship Cecil Smith Cup and Girls All-Star Challenge. The NYTS qualifier has been designed for upper-intermediate to advanced youth players, those capable of holding a minimum of a “-1” handicap. Click here for more information.

Host site: Eldorado Polo Club, Indio, California

1st place: Bush League – Quinn Kyle, Jazmin Trotz, Micaela Saracco, Teo Von Wernich.
2nd place:
 Boss Polo – Bayne Bossom, Grace Gonzalez, Nick Fernandez, Rose Gonzalez.
3rd place: 
Seattle Polo – Colby Smith, Piers Bossom, Grace Parker, Morgan Manos.
4th place:
 Antelope – Grant Palmer, Lars Neumann, Taylor Olcott, Jasmine Lu, Emily Andre.
5th place: 
Lakeside – Riley Jordan, Ethan Bankhead, Sydney Morris, Ajay Moturi.

Best Playing Pony Speedy pictured with Nick Fernandez ©Eldorado Polo Club-Kerri Kerley

Best Playing Pony: Speedy, pictured with Nick Fernandez and Goyo Mariscal.

All-Stars: Micaela Saracco, Teo Von Wernich, Bayne Bossom, Grant Palmer, Riley Jordan, Grace Parker, Lars Neumann, Piers Bossom.
Best Playing Pony: Speedy, played by Boss Polo’s Nick Fernandez.

All photos courtesy of ©Eldorado Polo Club/Kerri Kerley

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