Emirates AM team snatches the Winston Churchill Polo Cup 2020

Her Highness Sheikha Maitha bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum led the Emirates AM team to a precious victory in the last seconds, with a score of seven goals against six and a half, after her rival, the Dubai Wolves Team, was half a point ahead due to the Handicap made a difference in the exciting final of the Sir Winston Churchill Cup 2020, and the excitement reached its peak in the last two minutes of the match, which witnessed a distinguished crowd presence amid precautionary measures and social distancing at the Al Habtoor Polo and Equestrian Club and Resort.

The match was held in four rounds and witnessed remarkable progress for the “Emirates AM” team, as it ended the first half with a 3-0 lead against half a point “Handicap”, and in the second half, each team scored one goal.

In the third half, the Emirates team raised its score to six goals against two and a half for the wolves team, and the fourth game is witnessing a sudden uprising by the wolves team to launch successive attacks on the Emirates AM team and score four successive goals to advance for the first time with six and a half goals, while the balance of the Emirates team stopped at the balance Six goals and complications matters, and the fans of the “Team of Wolves” begin to receive congratulations, but the surprise occurs at the last moments when Benjamin Panelo, the star of the “Emirates AM” team, the penalty goal and won, so that his team won the Sir Winston Churchill Cup 2020 for Polo.

After the match, Martin Pedersen, President of the International Free Zone Authority in Dubai, “Iveza”, the official sponsor of the tournament, crowned the “Emirates AM” team, the team of wolves, the Al Habtoor team and the Ancora Panjash team, and won the award for best player Benjamin Banilo, player of the “Emirates AM Team”.

In the match that preceded the final match, which brought together the Al Habtoor and Anchora Panjash teams, Al Habtoor achieved a deserved and great victory over his opponent, with nine goals against six and a half goals after the match prevailed from its start to its end with a play and as a result, he ended the first half with two goals to one and a half goals. Then he scored five goals in a row in the second half without the Ancora Benjash team succeeding in scoring any goals.

At the beginning of the third game, Al Habtoor’s team added its eighth goal, while Ankura Panjash scored two goals, raising its score to three and a half, and the fourth phase witnessed the ninth and last goal of the Al Habtoor team, while Ancora Panjash’s team scored three consecutive goals to raise its score to six and a half goals and no time helped him to achieve more goals Al Habtoor comes out the winner.

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