Emlor and Kildare will face off for the Indian Empire Shield title

The Indian Empire Shield, a classic tournament of the English Medium & High Goal season, will come to an end this Saturday at Guards Polo Club. The competition kicked off on June 30th and will be decided this Saturday between Emlor and Kildare. On the other hand, Monterosso Vikings and Garcha Hotels will be playing the subsidiary final.

Indian Empire Shields – Semifinals results:

Emlor 10-9 Hurlingham 1875

Black Bears 10-11 Kildare

Thus, the finals of the Indian Empire Shield will take place on Saturday with the following order of play:


EMLOR: Spencer McCarthy 0, Max Charlton 5, Richard Tyrone 6, Juan Ambroggio 7. Total: 18.

KILDARE: Andrew Dechet 1, Charlie Hanbury 4, Tommy Beresford 6, Jack Richardson 7. Total: 18.

11am, Subsidiary Final: MT Vikings vs Garcha Hotels

MT VIKINGS: Will Drewitt 0, José Araya 4, George Meyrick 6, Sebastián Merlos 8. Total: 18.

GARCHA HOTELS: Satinder Garcha 2, Michel del Carril 6, Hissam Ali Hyder 5, Felipe Dabas 5. Total: 

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