Equestrian Relief: Team Polo showing strength

The spread of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) which is affecting the world has led to several charities in order to raise funds to support vulnerable patients, families, hospitals, and the health heroes, who are fighting day and night on the front line to save lives. Among others, there is a an amazing charity in the United Kingdom called Equestrian Relief. 

The aim of Equestrian Relief is to use the strength of equestrian sports to raise £ 100,000 to change lives, through donations going directly to NHS (National Health System) Charities COVID-19 urgent appeal and projects. 

Equestrian Relief is comprised by generous and supportive equestrian celebrities. Among others Team Polo, with Mark Tomlinson (captain), Jack Richardson, Hazel Jackson, Tom Morley and Malcolm Borwick. Other participating teams are: Team Dressage, Team Eventing, Team Showjumping-North, Team Showjumping-South, Team Racing and Team Presenters. 

Action started on Wednesday April 8 and will go through Sunday April 12. The awards presentation is due on Monday April 13.

The activities are the following:

-Wednesday April 8, On The Gallops. Run 5km in the fastest time possible.

Team Polo featured Jack Richardson, who ended in third place (20:01 minutes) and Tom Morley, who finished in ninth place (24:20 minutes). Of all the participating squads, Team Polo finished in the third position, in accordance with the results earned by Jack Richardson and Tom Morley.

-Thursday April 9, Plankety Plank. The challenge consists on holding the in the plank position the longest time possible.

Team Polo had Malcolm Borwick, who got third place with a time of 07’31 minutes, and Mark Tomlinson (04’13 minutes). Of all the seven participating teams, Team Polo earned the third position, following the results obtained by Malcolm Borwick y Mark Tomlinson.

-Friday April 10, Bake Off Easter Cake Challenge. The aim is to bake up an Easter themed cake.

-Saturday April 11, Horse Drawn. Drawing or painting and achievement, incorporating your horse.

-Sunday April 12, Dark Horse. Demonstrate a hidden talent.

For further information, results and donations, please go to the website:


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