French Open Continues

Les Lions Panarea & Amanara secure Semi Final spots
Yesterday, Sunday 13 September, three matches were played for the Open de France at Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly. This year the tournament is celebrating its 20th anniversary and forms the third part of the French Triple Crown. The action on Sunday saw defending champions Marques de Riscal make a comeback after their debut defeat, and they managed to defeat Le Pommerary 11-6 yesterday which gave the team some much needed confidence ahead of their scheduled match against Talandracas on Wednesday. Talandracas also enjoyed a win yesterday, defeating Majoa Paris 6-4, while Amanara defeated Marquard Media 11-8 to take the second place in the Semi Finals following their third consecutive win. Les Lions Panarea have also qualified for the Semi Finals which will be played on Friday 18 September. The action continues this week with Les Lions Panarea vs Sainte Mesme on Tuesday 15 September, Majoa Paris vs Le Pommeray and Marques de Riscal vs Talandracas on Wednesday 16 September.  

2020 French Open Teams:Sainte Mesme (16): Robert Strom (5), Birger Strom (0), Clemente Zavaleta (7) & Santiago Araya (4) 

Marques De Riscal (16): Luis Aznar (1), Santiago Cernadas (7), Alejandro Muzzio (8) & Alejandro Aznar (0) 

Marquard Media (16): Ignacio Kennedy (4), Jota Chavanne (5), Martin Aguerre (7) & Thomas Rinderknecht (0) 

Majoa Paris (16): Sam Sztarkman (1), Pierre-Henri N’goumou (6), Guillermo Terrera (8) & Alex Sztarkman (1) 

Les Lions Panarea (17): Aristide Faggionato (1), Dillon Bacon (2), Barto Castagnola (8) & Tommy Beresford (6) 

Le Pommeray (16): Caroline Anier (1), Tito Ruiz Guiñazú (7), Juan Gris Zavaleta (7) & Derek Smith (1) 

Amanara (16): Nicky Sen (0), Segundo Condesse Stanga (3), Santiago Chavanne (7) & Santiago Laborde (6)

Talandracas (16): Edouard Carmignac (0), Camilo ‘Jeta’ Castagnola (7), Fran Elizalde (8) & Nik Rogerson (1) 

Photograph: There were three matches played on Sunday for The French Open. By Justine Jacquemot

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