Beginning the Central Circuit Constitution Cup Chicago Invitational with a thrilling overtime victory, G-Squared carried that initial momentum throughout the tournament and into the final on Friday, August 14. Led by Juan Martin Obregon who scored an impressive eight goals, G-Squared dominated open play to defeat Las Brisas 12-8, and capture the inaugural 12-goal title at Las Brisas Polo Club in Elgin, Illinois.

Displaying an exceptional level of polo, G-Squared (Larry Aschebrook, Juan Martin Gutierrez, Juan Martin Obregon, Matias Obregon) and Las Brisas (Christopher Vangel, Pedro Manion, Lindor Novillo Corvalan, Miguel Gutierrez) competed in a back and forth style of play that resulted in few whistles from the umpires and multiple scoring opportunities on both sides. Corvalan opened the scoring in favor of Las Brisas, but a quick response from G-Squared saw field goals from Aschebrook and Juan Martin Obregon. Holding a one-goal advantage on handicap, Las Brisas restored their one-goal lead on Miguel Gutierrez’s first goal to end the first chukker 3-2.

Most Valuable Player Juan Martin Obregon

Most Valuable Player was awarded to Juan Martin Obregon.

G-Squared raced into the lead in the second, outscoring Las Brisas 4-0 behind a balanced offense. Two goals from Juan Martin Gutierrez, along with one goal each from Juan Martin and Matias Obregon demonstrated the strong attack of G-Squared as they overwhelmed Las Brisas in open play to hold a commanding 6-3 lead. Corvalan ended the four-goal run from G-Squared to pull Las Brisas back within two goals, but before the end of the half, G-Squared’s Juan Martin Obregon scored his third goal. As halftime ended 7-4 in favor of G-Squared, Las Brisas faced a three-goal deficit to overcome in the second half.

A Penalty 3 conversion from Juan Martin Obregon in the third proved to be the first penalty goal of the match, but that was the only offense that G-Squared could generate as a determined Las Brisas looked to begin their comeback. Scoring all but two of his team’s goals, Corvalan contributed one goal from both the field and the penalty line to keep Las Brisas within reach as they continued to pressure their opponents. A second Penalty 3 conversion from Corvalan increased the intensity of the game, leaving Las Brisas trailing by just one, but a swift response from Juan Martin Obregon in the fifth chukker extended G-Squared’s lead 10-8. Organizing their defense, G-Squared kept Las Brisas off the scoreboard in the final minutes, as Juan Martin Obregon added his final two goals and secured G-Squared’s victory 12-8.

BPP Pantera

Best Playing Pony Pantera, played and owned by Juan Martin Obregon, pictured with Hugo Esquivel.

Ending the tournament with a 4-0 record, G-Squared played solid games throughout the tournament. “Each player on G-Squared contributed to the win which made all the difference for us, “Aschebrook said. “Some of the teams have the focus of one or two players with the rest playing more of a supporting role. For us to win each game including the final we needed everyone to contribute significantly in each game. I’m really proud of how we played.”

Scoring every chukker, Juan Martin Obregon was awarded Most Valuable Player. “We played focusing on teamwork and we had a good day which always helps,” Obregon said. “We were also extra focused and had a few lucky bounces which we were able to score on.”

Best Playing Pony honors were presented to Pantera, a 10-year-old mare Juan Martin Obregon played in the first and as a spare in the sixth chukker. “She came from Argentina and I bought her from a breeder named Ramon Franco who has polo ponies with very good bloodlines,” Obregon shared. “On the field her best qualities are her sensitivity, mouth, and she is a mare who never backs down from a strong bump. I always enjoying playing her because she has a huge heart and is very consistent with her performance.”


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