Ghantoot Polo and UAE Polo Teams Win at the Semifinals of the Silver Cup 2020


The excitement builds up as the final day of the Silver Cup 2020 tournament comes closer. The semifinals concluded with an exciting finish as four teams brought their A-game to the field.

The supporters of Ghantoot Polo and Habtoor Polo teams were on the edge of their seats as both teams were neck and neck throughout the game. The first chukker saw Habtoor Polo in the lead with a three-goal advantage by the buzzer. Ghantoot Polo team delivered goals on the second chukker with a notable goal from Pablo Llorente after he stole the ball from Facundo Sola (Facu) resulting into a tie. The teams were still at a tie by halftime as they scored two goals each with Facu’s long-shot pass that allowed for Martin Podesta (Min) to level the game. 

Ghantoot took the lead early on the penultimate chukker, but Habtoor Polo made a comeback with a goal from Min and a penalty shot from Facu. It was tense during the last chukker as Marcos Araya (Cacu) evened the score with two goals. A sixth chukker seemed imminent until a penalty was called which paved the win for Ghantoot Polo as Cacu’s 60yd penalty shot ended the game with a final score of 11 goals to 10.

Match progression: Ghantoot Polo vs. Habtoor Polo

1 – 4 | 5 – 5 | 7 – 7 | 8 – 9 | 11 – 10

Top scorer of the match, Facundo Sola, Habtoor Polo, 7 goals

Match replay

The next match between UAE Polo and AM/UAE Polo teams was one-sided with UAE Polo’s 1.5 handicap advantage and the two goals by the end of the first chukker. AM/UAE Polo recovered and closed in on its opponent during the second chukker with goals from Jacinto Crotto and Santiago Cernadas. Tommy Beresford from UAE Polo widened the gap in scores with three goals by halftime. The last two chukkers were crucial for AM/UAE Polo team but in spite of goals from its players, UAE Polo’s 3.5 goal advantage and defensive play were enough to secure the win resulting to a final score of 10.5 to 8.

Match progression: UAE Polo vs. AM/UAE Polo

3.5 – 1 | 4.5 – 3 | 7.5 – 3 | 8.5 – 5 | 10 – 8.5

Top scorer of the match, Tommy Beresford, UAE Polo, 6 goals

Match replay

The Silver Cup 2020 will see its new champion on the 7th of February, Friday. The Hildon Subsidiary Cup is scheduled at 13:45 with a match between Dubai Wolves and Zedan and the Silver Cup final match will be at 15:45 between UAE Polo and Ghantoot Polo. Watch the action live on Field 1 of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club or catch it on Polo Line TV’s livestream.

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