Great win for Los Machitos; Ellerstina continues sweeping

A very hot day awaited for a new day of action at the 127th. Argentine Open, that kicked off with the match between Los Machitos and La Dolfina Polo Ranch, played on ground 2, at Palermo. Led by an accurate Diego Cavanagh, scoring goals from the field and through penalty conversions, La Dolfina Polo Ranch had two very good chukkas. However, Los Machitos managed to bounce back in a spectacular third chukka, when they outscored La Dolfina Polo Ranch 3-0, with goals by Santiago Toccalino, Mariano Aguerre, and Agustin Merlos, who converted a penalty to tie at 6-all, with seconds remaining. The good performance displayed by Los Machitos continued in the fourth chukka. After La Dolfina Polo Ranch’s Diego Cavanagh converted a 30 yards penalty, Los Machitos replied quickly with two goals courtesy of Agustín Merlos and Santiago Toccalino, that earned Los Machitos their first lead, 8-7, by half time.

Los Machitos definitely were back into the game; they left La Dolfina Polo Ranch unable to score in the fifth chukka, through four unanswered goals by Santiago Toccalino (3) and Agustin Merlos, to widen the gap to 11-7. In the last three chukkas, La Dolfina Polo Ranch had to struggle against Los Machitos’ dominance; after being unable to score for two chukkas, Guillermo Terrera found the flags from the field followed by penalty conversion by Diego Cavanagh. Still, the legendary Mariano Aguerre and Co. were leading 13-9, after a 30 yards penalty successfully converted by Santiago Toccalino. A four-goal advantage was all too much with only two chukkas remaining. Los Machitos, then, seized the reins strongly to maintain the lead, blocking every attempt made by their contenders, who needed to score as soon as possible; they managed to reduce the gap to just two goals with only one chukka remaining, but Los Machitos had their best day so far. Agustín Merlos then, scored twice to seal the deal, and give Los Machitos a fantastic win.

The Argentine Open moved on to Palermo’s main ground later in the afternoon, for the match between Ellerstina, the only team eligible to win the Triple Crown, and La Ensenada La Aguada, the young and talented foursome, one of the nicest surprises of the season so far. After a 1-1 tie in the first chukka, Ellerstina took off in the second one, with a merciless number of unanswered goals scored by the four team members, that overwhelmed La Ensenada La Aguada defense. Thoroghout the first part of the match, Ellerstina based their dominance on their own system, their own play. By half time, Ellerstina had a commanding 9-2 lead.

The second part was not that different; Ellerstina maintained their lead while La Ensenada La Aguada was not able to stop a foursome who’s currently the team to beat, with all four members fitting perfectly – even with a new one. However, La Ensenada La Aguada managed to score a great goal in the sixth chukka, through an amazing neckshot by Segundo Bocchino. At the end of the day, the match ended up being one of the most enjoyable of the season; fast paced, plenty of field goals, great plays, just a handful of fouls, and overall, and beyond the result, two teams who played very well – Ellerstina by doing what they exactly know to do since the very start of the season, and La Ensenada La Aguada trying to do their best against such a powerful rival. It was an impressive 15-4 win for Ellerstina, in another step towards their aim: Palermo.


Los Machitos: Agustín Merlos 8 (6 goals), Ignacio Toccalino 8 (2 penalties), Mariano Aguerre 7 (3), Santiago Toccalino 8 (4 penalties). Total: 31.

La Dolfina Polo Ranch: Guillermo Terrera 8 (1 goal), Juan Britos  8 (2), Diego Cavanagh 9 (6, 4 penalties and 1 safety), Jejo Taranco 8 (2). Total: 33.

Score Los Machitos: 1-2, 3-6, 6-6, 8-7, 11-7, 13-9, 13-11, 15-11.

Umpires: Guillermo Villanueva andGonzalo López Vargas.           Third Man: Federico Martelli.

BPP Polo Argentino: Machitos Jazzita (Sportivo x Machitos Jazz). Player: Mariano Aguerre.


Machitos Odelay (Los Machitos Libano x Machitos Funky). Player: Mariano Aguerre.

Anay Sur Luli (Fosforito x Mili). Player: Juan Britos.


Ellerstina: Facundo Pieres 10 (7 goals, 2 penalties), Hilario Ulloa 10 (1), Gonzalo Pieres 9 (5), Nicolás Pieres 10 (2). Total: 39.

La Ensenada-La Aguada: Segundo Bocchino 6 (1 goal), Alfredo Bigatti 8, Matías Torres Zavaleta 8 (1), Jerónimo Del Carril 7 (2 penalties). Total: 29.

Score Ellerstina: 1-1, 3-1, 7-1, 9-2, 12-2, 14-3, 15-3, 15-4.

Umpires: Gastón Lucero and Martín Pascual.                             Third Man: Rafael Silva.

BPP Polo Argentino: Open Dicha (Yatay Anhelo x Ellerstina Felicidad). Player: Gonzalo Pieres.


Open Guillermina (Optimun x Open Geisha): Player: Nicolás Pieres.

127° ARGENTINE POLO OPEN: Fixture & Teams  

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