Habtoor Polo Team Successful on the First Day of the Polo Masters Cup 2020

The polo action continues at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club with the Polo Masters Cup 2020 tournament. There will be five teams participating from 09th – 14th February – Habtoor Polo, Hesketh Polo, Green Gates Polo, Mahra Polo and UAE Polo.

The first day of the tournament opened with a goal from Raja Abuljebain for Hesketh Polo team and the teams were tied at three goals by the end of the first chukker. Habtoor Polo took the lead by the end of the second chukker with goals from JJ Alberdi and Felix Esain and by halftime, the team had created a five-goal advantage over Hesketh. The game ended with a win for Habtoor Polo at 10 goals to 5.

Match progression: Habtoor Polo vs. Hesketh Polo
3 – 3 | 5 – 3 | 9 – 4 | 10 – 5
Top scorer of the match: JJ Alberdi, 4 goals, Habtoor Polo

Match schedule – 10 February 2020
15:00 – Habtoor Polo vs. UAE Polo
16:00 – Mahra Polo vs. Green Gates Polo

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