Horseware won Copa Sotoestates and claimed Iberian Polo Tour series, in Sotogrande

Horseware defeated Nairobi  7 – 5.5 to win the Copa Sotoestates as well as emerging victorious of the 2020 Iberian Polo Tour Mansion 2020. The Copa Sotoestates was the third and last stage of the series of tournaments that took place at Santa María Polo Club, en Sotogrande.

The lineup comprised by Tom Mac Guinness, James Connely, Daniel Gariador and Patricio Neves already claimed the Copa Casa Fagliano  and finished the series undefeated on Sunday December 21.  

James Connely was named MVP and Martín Iturraspe’s La Esperanza, took BPP honors.

The Subsidiary Valecuatro Cup went to La Esperanza Jolly Rogers who beat Strabrock. 

The Iberian Polo Tour aims to host the best polo in Europe and is proud to announce that the next edition of the series will be hosted next March. 


HORSEWARE: Tom McGuiness 0, James Connely 2, Daniel Gariador 2, Patricio Neves 4. Total: 8.

STRABROCK: Jonathan Tidswell -1, Aristide Faggionato 1, Peter Webb 4, Henry Brett 4. Total: 8.

MONO POLO: Derek Maclennan -1, Estanislao Grahn 3, Rosendo Torreguitar 3, Marcos Carnero 3. Total: 8.

LA ESPERANZA/JOLLY ROGERS: Niclas Johansson 0, Kevin Korst 1, Harry Muddle 2, Juancle Marambio 4. Total: 7.

NAIROBI: Karen Cariss -1, Grace Cariss -1, Hernán Pieres 3, Martín Iturraspe 6. Total: 7

PX: Xerxes Quijano 0, Cristóbal Mendoza de Vigo 0, Pelayo Berazadi 5, Mario Gómez 3. Total: 8


IBERIAN: Naico Desmas, Loreen Dany, Julián Neves, Fausto Otharan.

FINCA CABALLO BLANCO: Roberto Iturrioz, Toia Uritee, Hamish Maclennan, Pablo Enriquez.


Final Copa Sotoestates

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