HPA Announce Covid Crisis Aid

Polo Charity grants available

The Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) has announced that following a Stewards meeting on Tuesday 10 November, it has been decided that the HPA is in a position to offer help to members of the wider polo community who are experiencing hardship due to Covid-19 implications, with a particular focus on pony welfare:  The HPA is financially in a better position than we might had anticipated through a combination of early action to cut costs, the benefit of the government support scheme and income from playing more polo during the season than we had expected. Additionally we have adequate reserves and     the Polo Charity may also be in a position to make grants where appropriate. 

Any club or member who is aware of someone in our community experiencing particular hardship as a result of COVID at this time is requested to put forward an outline of any deserving case for us to give consideration. We are thinking not just about clubs but anybody dependent on polo for their living and certainly any cases of potential pony welfare problems. Obviously how much we are able to help depends on how many cases are put forward and a panel will be put together to make the decision on who we can help.   The more information you can give us the better. 

The Trustees of the Polo Charity meet on 24th November so it is important that we have any proposals before that meeting. Best Nick Wiles Chairman Trustee of the Polo Charity This announcement brings the HPA in line with other governing bodies such as the United States Polo Association (USPA) who earlier in the year announced substantial aid and grants for clubs and players.  

Photograph: The HPA’s Covid Crisis Aid aims to avoid any issues arising around pony welfare.

By Mark Beaumont

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