HPA End of Season Handicap Changes

Raises include Castagnolas, Cambiaso Jnr & Tommy Beresford

The Hurlingham Polo Association has announced their End of Season Handicap Changes 2020, which are subject to ratification by Stewards.Following their impressive 2020 season and win in The Cartier Queen’s Cup, both Barto and Camilo ‘Jeta’ Castagnola have seen their handicaps raised from 8 to 9 and 7 to 8 respectively. Other key handicap changes include:Juan Martin Zubia 7 to 8Rufino Bensadon 6 to 7Tommy Beresford 6 to 7Jeronimo Del Carril 6 to 7Poroto Cambiaso 5 to 6Felipe Dabas 5 to 6Patrick Maleitzke 4 to 5 There have been a flurry of young British players who have seen their handicaps raised, highlighting the talent in grassroots polo; Will Harper 3 to 4, Ned Hine 3 to 4, Luke Wiles 3 to 4 and Zac Beim 1 to 2.  While some have gone up, other players have seen their handicaps decreased; Gonzalito Pieres has been dropped from 10 to 9, Guillermo Terrera has gone from 8 to 7, Jaime Garcia Huidobro has been moved from 7 to 6 while both George Meyrick and Matt Perry have gone from 6 to 5.  

The full list of handicap changes can be seen here.

 Photograph: Barto Castagnola has been raised to 9 goals in the UK. By ©www.imagesofpolo.com

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