HPA News – Covid-19 Update No 4

Update No 4 for Clubs and Members – Thursday 2nd April 2020

It is understood that everyone is looking for certainty, but although we may have an indication of which way they are headed it is very hard to predict what conditions the Government might impose, retain or relax when the 3 weeks of lock down is up just after Easter. The HPA will therefore review the implications for polo as soon as the Government has set out its conditions post Easter taking into consideration the following:

  • The rules and conditions laid down by Government for travel, social distancing, and gatherings.
  • The medical cover required and the risk of injuries that require A&E/hospital treatment.
  • What other sports are doing, eg; cricket, golf, tennis, racing, cycling, football, eventing.
  • The risk of reputational damage if polo is perceived to be in breach of the conditions.

 It has been agreed that players and clubs will be given at least a month’s warning for the start of any competitive tournament polo so that ponies can be properly prepared by playing chukkas, players can get here and the necessary logistics and administrative support for tournaments can be put in place.

Accordingly, the earliest that tournament polo can start will now be mid-May, a month after the next HPA review following the Government’s update after Easter.

The HPA and the SG are exploring the various potential scenarios which includes modifying the fixture list so that better use is made of August and September and considering how the rules might need to be altered in order that polo can start without falling foul of any social distancing requirements.

THANK YOU TO MEMBERS The HPA would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have paid their HPA subs and to remind members that HPA membership includes insurance cover which provides for many public liability for their ponies anywhere and anytime provided they are registered with the HPA.
FAQs The FAQs on the HPA website are being updated to reflect the above and clarify the position reference stick and balling.
Passports Sophie will be doing passports whilst Caroline and Looby are on furlough. They will take slightly longer to do whilst everyone is working from home, but it is an opportunity to get them up to date.

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