HPA News – Covid-19 Update No 5

Update No 5 for Clubs and Members – Friday 24 April 2020

  • Virus Outlook. The lock down is now until 7 May. It looks to be working but is unlikely to be lifted before 7 May.  
  • Factors Affecting Start Date. The following 7 factors will be taken into consideration prior to any decision affecting the start of polo:
  • The rules and conditions laid down by Government for travel, social distancing, and gatherings.
  • The medical cover required and the risk of injuries that require A&E/hospital treatment.
  • What other sports are doing, eg; racing, cycling, cricket, golf, tennis, football, eventing.
  • Availability and acceptability of testing.
  • International and regional travel restrictions. 
  • The welfare of the ponies; the time needed to get them ready.
  • The risk of reputational damage if polo is perceived to be in breach of the conditions.
  • One Month Warning for VL Tournament Polo. The HPA will make a clear announcement when the notice of one month starts. 
  • The month does not start until the HPA has made that announcement and there will be no VL games played before that month is up. Therefore, if there has not been an announcement by ‘Day X’, no VL games can be played before ‘Day X’ plus one month.
  • Until the HPA has made that announcement or an announcement to the contrary, no chukkas may be played at any affiliated club.
  • Any announcement regarding the start of polo will also set out the rules and guidelines for chukkas, practices and domestic games prior to that date so that teams and players are able to prepare.

An updated draft of the 8 goal VL and above is now on the HPA website and a draft for the 6 and 4 Goal and Victrix will be uploaded shortly.

  • Social Distancing and Club Hygiene Procedures.
  • Possible rule changes to allow adherence to social distancing requirements are being considered.
  • It is planned to produce a draft for the procedures that clubs are likely to have to put in place in order that polo can be played. 
  • FAQs.  The FAQs have been updated (See the HPA website)
  • Insurance. Those stick and balling at a club are not covered by the HPA membership unless they have signed up as HPA members. 

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