HPA News – Covid-19 Update No 6

Update No 6 for Clubs and Members as at 12 May 2020
Effective Thu 14 May for England


  1. Virus Outlook. Lock down eased for England but not significantly. Earliest start date hard to predict but clear statement that there would be no team sport before 1 Jun (start of Phase 2) but sporting events behind closed doors could be phased in during Jun with further easing after 1 Jul (start of Phase 3). During Phase 1 (from 13 May to 1 Jun):
  • Everyone is encouraged to take more exercise.
  • Everyone is encouraged to travel to work.
  • Quarantine will be imposed for those coming in from overseas; from when and for how long tbd.
  1. Training. Agreed that the revised conditions allowed individual players to start to prepare themselves and their ponies through stick and balling from Thu 14 May incl provided procedures are in place, and that in due course this could be progressed to allow more extensive no contact training prior to competitive tournament games being played (if necessary with no contact rules) in Jun at some stage.  Any training or practice shall involve no contact and shall initially be limited to 5 persons in total on any one ground at any one time for safety and social distancing reasons. As well as exercising players and ponies, this also enables professionals to work. For the procedures, which should apply to any venue where members are playing, see Annex A.
  1. One Month Warning for Tournament Polo. Agreed that the one month notice for the start of the VL tournaments shall now be removed. Although no certainty, there is now a reasonable chance of competitive polo in mid Jun although the early games might have to be with no contact. 
  1. The Programme. This will need to be reviewed.
  1. Lessons. One on one lessons or of a ‘same household’ group shall now be allowed from Thu 14 May incl provided procedures are in place. 
  1. FAQs.  These will be updated.
  1. Adherence to HPA and Government Conditions. There are 2 points for any person who decides to ignore the guidelines and conditions, for example to play chukkas:  
  • Cover provided by the HPA Members Public Liability Insurance is on the understanding that the HPA and any individual is following government guidelines. If there is no HPA cover, any claim will probably be against the venue or individual concerned.
  • Adverse publicity, for example caused by a player having to be treated by A & E, a neighbour reporting a team sport being played or procedures not being followed rigorously enough.

One of the above could happen and if so the HPA will not be in a position to defend your actions and indeed will be forced to take action which will most likely be by way of a suspension for the club and/or players concerned.

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